While a large number of academic institutions and business organizations have adopted e-learning programs, far fewer have addressed the usability of their e-learning applications. My research focuses on e-learning applications within educational and second language communities of practice.

Research on E-Learning

My research is directed toward developing and improving both the use of learning management systems (LMS) and related software applications that can be used within LMS or on mobile devices. We develop online courses for English as a second language, and work to improve managed learning environments that have consistent user interfaces suitable for blended learning in local and distance contexts.

Research on Usability

Usability is important to the success of any learning materials or technologies. Our work focuses on the social mediational effects and side-effects of technologies. I became a member of ACM SIGCHI in 1982 when it had just been founded.

Research Tools used: FLAX, Google Apps, Moodle, SnapzPro, Amazon Web Services.

Conferences: ACM sponsored conferences

Publications: Our lab members’ research projects are presented and published internationally.