Debopriyo Roy

PhD – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA

I am a Senior Associate Professor of  English, specialising in Technical Communication and Usability at the Center for Language Research – University of Aizu, Japan. I have over 12 years of teaching and research experience in technical documentation and interface and information design and is also the director of the CLR Technical Communication Laboratory.

My area of active research involves user-centered design issues and cognitive processing; structuring information and designing schema for procedural tasks in user manuals, help files, technical brochures, quick guides e-learning systems, intelligent graphics, technical illustrations etc. Recently, I am focusing more on how visual artifacts might help develop conceptual understanding of complex concepts and arguments in a EFL-based computer science context. Over the last couple of years, I have supervised 5 undergraduate students on their interface design projects.

I have published in premier journals and conference proceedings on topics related to technical communication and usability and am actively involved (currently the chair) with IEEE Professional Communication Society and its Japan Chapter. I am also the Chair of the ACM Professional Chapter on Elearning and Technical Communication and the co-editor of International Transactions on Elearning and Usability. My Technical Communication laboratory organizes an annual ACM Chapter conference, besides other research and student-centric activities.

I teach advanced graduate and undergraduate courses in technical writing, interface design, and technical documentation procedures besides other writing courses. I also do corporate consulting in usability testing, technical procedures and manuals design, technical presentations, interface design and business communication strategies.

Current Research: My current research is focused on setting up a 3D Design, Scanning and Printing establishment which could be later used as an elective course on design writing in technical communication. Students will learn how to perform rapid prototyping using PLA and ABS cartridges in remote settings, based on their own custom designs done on iPads or iPhones. This research is funded by my current Kakenhi (MEXT) grant.

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